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Thin Ice

New introduction of our super thin slipmats with a few printed designs. These mats are now available for the DJ's that want to improve their spinning & scratching skills. We are calling these slipmats THIN ICE which is thinner & better than any rug in the market place, and the best thing is that we can custom print these mats with any full color designs that you can even imagine.
Try them, there is no better quality. Buy them printed for your store. Give us a call, we can custom print them for you. Contact us for prices, not a big investment for your store. These printed designs are available in both sizes: 12" LP and 7" minis at whole sale only! Introduction Offer of 12" - 25 pcs. @ $4.50 each, 50 pcs. @ $3.50 each. 7" minis - 25 pcs. @ $3.25 each, 50 pcs. @ $3.00 each. You can mix and match!

World Thinest Slider

The super thin Slider! These strong slipmats are as thin as paper. Made with the finest polyester fibers and compress many times with heat to make them strong, thin & durable. These mats can also be printed with Dye Sublimation. As any of our other Slipmats we believe in quality, full color, full bleed, and no color limit with no difference in cost. Buy these already printed or custom.

Technics Slipmats

Talk about nostalgia. When we started our business in the late 80's we started manufacturing the one and only Technic Slipmats that were available at that time. It was then made especially for screen printing and there is still a big demand for these rugs. Many of you still remember that! These Slipmats are made of wool and they are thin, firm & long lasting. We used to carry a very large inventory and at very good prices, considering the present price of wool. We still have several basic colors. Check them out!

We offer this product Custom Printed, Blanks, or Printed with these 2 basic designs. Any of the above colors might be the one you're looking for to print your logo or design on. Including: Yellow Gold, Old Gold, Black and Navy (the dark one in the photo).

Try them already printed:
25 @ $5.00 -- 50 @ $4.50 each (mix & match)

We like to stay in touch with our customers directly, so please
contact us to make a purchase.

Small amounts of Blanks on all styles are availble, Free shipping with $100.00 min. on combined shipments.

Ask for the specials of the month when you contact us
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